Evondos frees the caregivers to do actual care work

As the Evondos service is used to dispense medication, the caregiver can focus on direct care work and thus improve the interaction with the client.

We have been using three Evondos devices and the clients are thrilled! Even a 97-year-old female client uses the device. The device also works well for the disabled – one client likes the fact that the device speaks and he can take the medication independently. The cut in the medicine pouch is a good idea; it facilitates taking the medication without the risk of dropping it all over the floor.

Nurse in Assisted Living Facility

Evondos meets these challenges in care work

Challenging the organisation of home care visits

Using the Evondos service facilitates the planning of home care visits and care resources can be better allocated. The client has greater freedom in planning his or her daily rhythm when the automatic medicine dispenser reminds the client to take their medication. The time spent on medicine dispensing visits lessens while the implementation of medical treatment is significantly enhanced.

Several medications have been prescribed to the patient and an overall picture of the medical treatment is lacking

The Evondos service uses mechanised dose dispensing of medication, in which all the medicines prescribed to the client are handled together by the pharmacy and the overall medical treatment is inspected. The inspection reveals possible overlaps and incompatibilities in medication. Along with the medication, the client is provided with a medication card, which facilitates the client’s own management of their medication as well as the work of doctors and caregivers.

The caregiver’s concern about the clients

The caregiver can monitor the implementation of care 24/7, if needed. Caregivers can be notified of any anomalies in medical treatment in real time. The system also ensures that the information is received by a substitute recipient, if necessary. The person receiving the care is always safe.

Technical accessories are difficult to use

The Evondos automatic medicine dispenser is operated with one button – it speaks to the clients in their own language and it has a large, clear display.

Human errors occur in care work

The Evondos service enables safe and nearly error-free medical treatment with regard to errors in medicine dispensing.