Evondos is a simple solution to the problems of complex medical treatment

The Evondos medicine dispensing robot makes sure that your family member takes his or her medication at the right time and in the right doses – and no doses are missed.

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 21 and for over six years I have been on disability pension due to my deteriorating condition. I take six or seven different medicines in the mornings and five in the evenings. Due to a balance disorder my hands may tremble and it is difficult to take the medication from the dosette dispenser. It is easier to take the medication from the Evondos medicine dispensing robot, and the cut in the pouch makes it easier to open. The robot is nice to use and I recommend it to others as well. The only thing that could be improved is to have the device speak in a male voice.

Jaana, 44


The elderly in particular may have to take several pills for different ailments. There may be blood thinning medicine, anti-depressants, cholesterol medicine, painkillers, sleeping tablets, blood pressure medicine and any number of others. And according to the doctor’s orders, the medicines must be taken at specific times and in specific doses during the day.

Following such a medication regime is difficult even for a healthy adult, and an elderly person with dementia may find it completely impossible.

That is why Evondos has developed an easy-to-use medicine dispensing robot that facilitates the daily life of the person taking the medicine as well as his or her family members.


97,7% of the users of the Evondos robot find it easy to use.

Evondos helps you in these circumstances

The patient cannot remember to take his or her medication

The robot reminds the client to take the individual dose of medication intelligibly and aloud in the client’s own language. The client only needs to press the large green button on the robot and then it offers the correct medication in a sachet easy to open.

The elderly person is given institutional care prematurely

It is everyone’s wish to live at home for as long as possible. When the medicine dispensing robot makes sure that the elderly person takes the medication as instructed while living at home, he or she can continue to live independently at home for longer.

The elderly person is alone and isolated from the world

The Evondos service introduces a completely new way to keep in touch with the elderly person, the caregiver and family members. The Evondos communication system is designed to meet the needs of the elderly; it helps the parties to communicate clearly using the automatic medicine dispenser’s text messages or symbols.

Medicine dispensers are too complicated

The medicine dispensing robot provides the correct medication in pre-opened sachets at the right time. However, if the medicine is not taken, it is automatically stored in a locked chamber – and an automatic message is sent to the family member and caregiver. The robot is a safe and controlled location for storing medication.

Technical devices are difficult to use

Some 97.7% of the users of the Evondos medicine dispensing robot find it easy to use. It has been designed with this in mind; it has only one button and a large, clear display showing the received messages – and it speaks to the patient in their own language.

Medical treatment is too complex

The Evondos service uses automated dose dispensing in which all the medicines prescribed to the customer are handled together by the pharmacy. Along with the medication, the customer is provided with a medication card, which facilitates the customer’s own management of medication as well as the work of doctors and caregivers.

This is how the medicine dispensing robot operates

  1. The robot is placed in the home of the patient, in a familiar and safe place, e.g. the kitchen
  2. The medicine dispensing robot is filled with the Multi-Dose medicine strips that contain the correct medication in the correct doses, and provided by the pharmacy
  3. The robot automatically reads the instructions for taking the medication from the Multi-Dose sachets
  4. The robot provides the medication at the right time in the right dose
  5. The robot issues a reminder well in advance when it is time to refill the robot with new Multi-Dose medicine strip

It is easy to use the robot; it announces in an intelligible and loud voice when it is time to take the medication. It has become like a reliable partner, like my late husband.

Orvokki, 80

Family member – Evondos reduces your concern for your loved one

Easier communication

The Evondos service helps you catch up and keep in touch with your family member. The Telecare system enables you to send short text messages to the display of the robot so that your family member can easily read them and reply using the clear symbols provided.

Monitoring medical treatment in real time

If you want to, you can monitor the implementation of medical treatment around the clock and receive real time notifications in case your family member misses a dose of medication for some reason. The system can also make sure that the notifications reach the substitute persons. In this way, the person receiving the care is always safe.

Makes successful medical treatment a certainty

Normally, only half of those with prescribed medication take the medicine as instructed. Evondos helps you achieve a medical adherence rate of 95.5 per cent. The Evondos service helps you to be sure that your family member takes the right medication at the right time in the right doses.

My mother lives alone and manages quite well, but suffers from memory loss. Since my father died, she is sometimes sad. As a former nurse, she is meticulous with her medication. She finds the Evondos medicine dispensing robot easy to use and it has clearly had a positive impact on her mood. As her family members, we also feel calmer when we know that she is doing better and that she’s taking her medication on time.

Timo, 53
Family caregiver
Test user of the Evondos service