Evondos helps municipalities to save on healthcare costs

Municipalities can achieve significant direct and indirect cost savings using the Evondos service, which makes the caregivers’ work more efficient and reduces the need for institutional care.

The caregiver’s visit is no longer just technical medication dispensing in a dosette dispenser. The professional personnel’s focus is on care work and care planning together with the client.

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Home Care Service Planning

Millions in savings in public healthcare services

Direct savings are achieved when the time the caregivers spend on dispensing medication is freed up for actual care work. The need of home care visits due to dispensing and monitoring the medication intake is significantly reduced.


This way, growing numbers of clients can be served without increasing the number of care personnel.

In a municipality with a population of 50,000, the Evondos service brings direct annual cost savings of between 0.6 and 1 million euros. Direct cost savings on a national level are approximately 178 to 270 million euros.

Indirect cost savings are achieved as a result of the client’s improved condition and ability to function, thanks to more efficient medical treatment. The clients can live at home safely and for longer and institutional care can be postponed.


Through the Telecare system, the Evondos service gives the care personnel reliable information about the clients’medical adherence and the success of medical treatment. When the client’s health improves, the burden on public healthcare lightens.

The indirect annual cost savings will be approximately 50,000 euros per client when the need for institutional care lessens.

Annual cost savings of up to 50,000 euros per patient

Evondos solves healthcare problems

Lack of resources – availability of caregivers to meet growing need

Evondos enables the flexible and more efficient planning of resources tailored to the client’s needs.

Care accessories and technical systems are hard to use

The Evondos medicine dispensing robot and the Telecare system are easy to use and are tested in extensive user surveys. The special needs of the elderly and those with dementia have been considered as widely as possible when developing the service solution.

Individual home care services or devices

The Evondos service is an advanced eHealth platform, which can be integrated with other devices supporting the client’s self-care. Introducing the Evondos service supports sustainable development.

Human errors in care work

The Evondos service enables safe medical treatment as the human errors of manual medicine dispensing are avoided.

Advanced eHealth platform

The Evondos service is an advanced eHealth platform, which can be integrated with other devices supporting the client’s self-care. In addition, the robot supports several technologies used for care personnel identification. Introducing the Evondos service supports sustainable development and the digitisation of our environment.