Evondos Ltd – About the company

Evondos Ltd is a Finnish healthcare service company at a stage of intense growth. Evondos has developed a unique solution for those with dementia, the elderly and persons receiving home care who need long-term medical treatment.

The Evondos® service enables patients in need of long-term medical treatment to get the right medication at the right time and in the right dosage – completely automatically. The service improves patients’medical adherence and safety while introducing significant direct cost savings and quality benefits in healthcare.

The Evondos® service consists of an automatic medicine dispensing robot installed at the patient’s home, and the Telecare System which has a wireless connection to the dispenser. The Evondos® service utilises Multi-Dose sachets offered by pharmacies.


Evondos Oy was established in 2008. The company’s headquarters and assembly plant are in Salo, Finland.

The Evondos® service is a completely new solution that is applicable globally. The service has been launched and is commercially available in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. Negotiations are underway to export the service to other EU countries and Asia.


Evondos® is intended for home care clients in need of longterm medical treatment and with a positive attitude towards their medical treatment. The service is primarily offered to professional home care organizations but also can be used by individual consumers.


Evondos® is an advanced eHealth platform which not only enables automatic medicine dispensing, but also two-way communication in text and symbols between the client, caregiver and family members. In the future, it will be possible to integrate also other devices and functions into the service that will support the client’s self-care.


Evondos® Medicine Dispensing Robot and Evondos® Telecare System are CE-marked, clinically tested medical devices in Class 1 within EU. They are manufactured according to a strict quality system. The service developed by Evondos has patents pending in Europe, North America and Japan. The robots included in the service are manufactured in Salo, Finland, and are CE certified.


The ageing population, concern for the adequacy resources in care work and the digitising environment create a need to develop the methods of elderly care. The Evondos® service meets the global challenges of healthcare, among the most significant of which are the dosing errors in long-term medical treatment, lack of medical adherence, the increasing need for home care, and the ever lessening personnel and economic resources in the public sector.

The Evondos® automated medicine dispensing robot  and the supporting Telecare System allow us to considerably improve the patient’s medical adherence and safety by decreasing the occurrence of human errors in dispensing medication. Therefore, the patient’s ability to function remains good so that he or she can live at home longer and the use of more expensive forms of care is postponed.

Direct savings in home care costs are obtained when the need for home care visits related to medicine dispensing is declining. While the automatic medicine dispensing robot dispenses the medication at the right time and dosage, the caregiver is free to focus on actual care work and interacting with the patient.