Evondos mobile application for home care

We have complemented Evondos Service with a mobile application, targeted to homecare caregivers’ use. Using the mobile application makes it easier and even more efficient to use Evondos Service than before. It releases time to human care and interaction and gives the caregiver quick and easy access to the accurate client information.

  • Follow the client information and the medicine taking accurately
  • Receive the accurate and up-to-date information of the medicine taking
  • Handle and acknowledge the alarms with no delay
  • Send and receive messages to and from the client

Available for both Android och iOS. Introduction in spring 2018.

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Is your home care organization using Evondos-service? Would you need even more time to spend with direct care work? Now you have a chance to start using the Evondos Mobile Application for even more flexible and accurate handling of the data from Evondos Telecare System!
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