Evondos® is an automatic medicine dispensing service

Evondos medicine dispensing robot, supported by the Telecare System, manages the dispensing of medicine in treating chronic conditions comprehensively and completely automatically. As medication is taken regularly, the medication compliance improves. That is affecting positively to patients’ well-being and quality of life. As a result, a person with a need for long-term medication can live at home longer, managing his or her own care independently.

The service is suitable for persons who are compliant to treatment, i.e. are motivated to manage their own medical treatment. Most of those in need of longterm medical treatment are motivated to take their medicine.

Three areas of the Evondos service

1. Evondos E300 medicine dispensing robot

The Evondos E300 medicine dispensing robot is located at the home of a person needing longterm medication; the robot dispenses the correct dose of medication at the right time.



Automatic medicine dispenser

2. The Evondos Telecare System

The Telecare System monitors the operation of the automatic medicine dispensing robot, and makes sure that the medicine is taken at the right time. It enables the monitoring of the implementation of medical treatment and sends messages to the client at home.



Evondos Telecare System

3. Multi-Dose sachets remove human errors

The Multi-Dose sachets provided by pharmacies remove the human errors that occur in traditional, manual medicine dispensing.



Medicine dose dispensing

The most advanced eHealth service platform

Ease of use and meeting the needs of the future digital environment are some of the most important reasons for developing the Evondos service. The advanced eHealth service platform introduces a new communication channel between the client and the caregiver. The client receives messages and can reply through the automatic medicine dispenser in his or her home.

Third party systems, such as operational management systems, can also be integrated to the platform flexibly. In the future, also other eHealth services can be added and used via the solution.