Multi-Dose sachets

The Evondos service uses Multi-Dose sachets provided by local pharmacies. The sachets remove the possibility of human errors common when dispensing medication manually.

Multi-Dose sachets from pharmacies

Automated dose dispensing (ADD) is a pharmacy service that is widely used in Finland.
The pharmacy provides the patient specific medicines prescribed by a doctor in strip-packed medicine pouch rolls.

The home care client’s medicine pouch rolls that is delivered to the caregiver can contain doses for a maximum of two weeks. The caregiver loads the medicine roll into the automatic medicine dispenser.

The medication dispensing robot delivering the correct medicine at the right time

The Evondos automatic medicine dispenser reads the data printed on the medicine pouches and dispenses the right medicine dose at the right time, and reminds the client by voice and a signal light. The services of all companies offering automated dose dispensing (ADD) are seamlessly compatible with the Evondos service.

No human errors in medicine dispensing

Automated dose dispensing (ADD) eliminates the human errors that occur in traditional medicine dispensing.