Evondos Mini solution

The Evondos Mini is a solution for patients with a long-term medication, needing a lightweight tool for reminding them into takeing their medicine. The Evondos Mini is suitable for home care patients with normal cognitive skills. Evondos Mini can be used as stand-alone product, or it can be connected with a Evondos Telecare system which gives a 24/7 visibility over internet for care personnel and family members.


How to use the Evondos Mini

The Evondos Mini releases medication only at the right time. It enables long term home medication and makes it regular for patients in relatively good condition. Single pills or pharmaceutical doses can be dosed for 1 to 28 days at a time and one day can be programmed for 1 to 4 medication doses. The device reminds the patient into takeing the medication at the right time with an audio tone and light alarm. It can also send an optional SMS alert to the users mobile phone.

Once the patient pushes the round center part of the device, the right medicine becomes available under a small lid. The next dose will be unavailable until it is time to take it.

If a dose has been missed despite the reminders, the dispenser will skip that dose and make the next correct dose available at the right time. The missed dose remains safely inside the dispenser.

The dispenser is convenient and safe to use even while traveling. The dispenser weighs approximately 300 grams without medication, and is approximately 12 cm in diameter and 4 cm high. It has a lid over medicine chambers that prevent tablets jamming.

The Evondos Mini solution communicates with The Evondos Telecare system

The Evondos Mini is managed remotely via internet by the Evondos Telecare service. This remote care system gives a perfect way to monitor the patient’s medical adherence and add to patient’s safety.

When taken into use for the first time, or medication times change, the home care personnel enter the medication dispensing times into the dispenser and load the right medicine into the dispenser. The Telecare system will send alarms to caregivers or other relevant receivers when the medication is missed, has been taken late, the battery is low or the dispenser is off line.

The Evondos Mini can also be connected to patient’s mobile phone. The device sends then a reminder call and/or a text message to the patient to remind about medication time.

The benefits of the Evondos Mini

Light and portable

weight 296 g
ø 120 x 132 x 60 mm

Patient Safety

releases medication only at the right time

Lockable and safe

enables long-term home medication and makes it regular