The Evondos® Telecare system monitors patient’s medical treatment

The Evondos Telecare system is used for the control of user data of a person receiving home care and in need of long term medical treatment. The system can also be used for remote care and simple two way communication between the care giver and the client.

Operation of the Telecare System

The system allows the caregiver to monitor the progress of medical treatment of a home care patient.

The Telecare System monitors the operation of the medicine dispensing robot and the medicine taking of the patient.

The Telecare System and the robot are not only a medicine dispensing method but also an efficient modern communication channel between the client and the caregiver.

A family member can also have access to the system, if needed.

The system uses an internet connection to communicate with the robot.

Telecare system notifies of problems in real time

If problems occur in taking the medicine – for example if a dose is missed – the system notifies the caregiver or family member in real time using a voice call, text message or email. A caregiver or family member can always be reached when needed.

The system can also be set to place a reminder phone call to the client, family member or caregiver if the medicine is not taken from the dispenser within a set time.

Short messages can be sent from the Telecare System to the medicine dispensing robot, and the client can reply using the symbols on the touchscreen. This increases the interaction between the caregivers, family members and client, by offering a new channel and means for simple communications.