Already working on
the next hundred years

Finnish drive, perseverance and commitment are the ingredients of success, and at Evondos we have already begun building the next century in this spirit.

We are taking part in the Made by Finland campaign of the Association for Finnish Work, which encourages a feeling of pride in a wide range of Finnish work and highlights the kind of work that is improving Finland and enhancing the welfare of its people. The campaign is part of the Finnish government’s official Finland 100 programme marking the centenary year of national independence.

The Evondos medicine-dispensing robot already displays the Key Flag Emblem of a product designed and manufactured in Finland.

The Made by Finland campaign will continue for the entire Finnish centenary year, and we shall arrange various associated events, reporting on our activities and how we are already building the next Finnish century right now. Our medicine-dispensing robot and the additional services and features that it will incorporate in future will revolutionise the form and content of home care, taking it in new directions that enable people on long-term medication to continue enjoying good and satisfying lives at home.


The Association for Finnish Work