TV2 Øst: Robots are dispensing medicine in Sorø, Denmark

TV2 Øst broadcasted  in their news on 3 Sept, 2017 about the Evondos home care robot service dispensing medicine for the elderly in home care in Sorø Municipality. The municipality has an agreement with Evondos on 10 medical robots. This is part of a pilot project involving five Danish municipalities. However, Sorø Municipality is the first to deploy the Evondos solution in a trial project. Evondos medical robot is helping the typically elderly home care customers in home care into takeing their medicine. The Danish broadcasting company TV2 EAST has reported on the project. In the news piece an end-user of the Evondos service explains:

– It means that people from the home care – the caregiver – need not to be here at a certain time just to check and take care of my medicine dispensing. I can now handle it myself with the help of the robot.


Evondos also gives the home care customer more freedom, as they need not wait for the home care visits. For the home care organization it brings  flexibility for the care giver staff. Team leader in Sorø Municipality homecare Camilla Clausen says to TV2 East:

– It is very interesting to test this service in this pilot project. It gives both us and our citizens a new thing and a different everyday life. The end-user adds onto this:

– It’s been so good and I do not need the evening visit any more. There is only home care visits in the morning.


See the entire TV2 EAST interview here  in Danish