Evondos® – revolutionary eHealth service solution for home care

Evondos Oy has developed an automatic medicine dispensing service for persons with chronic conditions or dementia, or the elderly who receive home care. The service consists of an automatic medicine dispenser and Telecare System, and it utilises the solution of automated dose dispensing provided by pharmacies.

The Evondos service guides the client to take the right dose of medication at the right time, which considerably improves the client’s wellbeing and sense of independence. The service enables the reform of home care and the caregiving models of the elderly while enhancing the communication between the client and the caregivers, and freeing up time for direct care and interaction with the client.

The service improves the quality of care and introduces significant direct cost savings.

How does the evondos service help you?


The caregiver can be sure of the success of medical treatment and has time for interaction with the patient.



For caregivers

Patients and family

The Evondos automatic medicine dispenser makes the patient’s daily life easier and reduces the worries of his or her family members.



Patient and family


The caregiving processes are enhanced. Municipalities can achieve significant direct and indirect savings in costs by using Evondos.




Evondos service promises and benefits

Medical adherence

Medical treatment is carried out regularly, without haste and hustle.

Safety of patients

The patient is always given the right medicine at the right time.

Direct cost savings

Better medical treatment with fewer home visits of the caregiver.


Communication between the client, family members and caregivers is enhanced and increased.

Quality of work

The caregiver has more time for care work.

Key components of the evondos service

Evondos® E300 automatic medicine dispenser

Right medicine in right doses at the right time.

Evondos® Telecare System

24/7 monitoring for family members and care personnel.