Independent life at home

Independent life at home

Automatic medicine dispenser

Evondos automatic medicine dispenser ensures that medicine is taken right
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The Minister of Interior, Mrs. Paula Risikko, who also is in charge of the Health and social services reform in Kokoomus, will visit Evondos on Aug 24, 2016. At Evondos she’ll familiarize herself wi...
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”Robots are bringing both quality and humanity to the care work”, says Jyrki Niinistö, CEO of Evondos. Mr Niinistö is attending a panel discussion on 14th July in SuomiAreena RoboSteam happening...
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Evondos® E300 automatic medicine dispenser

Evondos® E300 automatic medicine dispenser helps those in need of longterm medication
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Evondos® telecare system monitors patient’s medical treatment
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Evondos Oy has developed an automatic medicine dispensing service for persons with chronic conditions or dementia, or the elderly who receive home care. The service consists of an automatic medicine dispenser and Telecare System, and it utilises the solution of automated dose dispensing provided by pharmacies.

The Evondos service guides the client to take the right dose of medication at the right time, which considerably improves the client’s wellbeing and sense of independence. The service enables the reform of home care and the caregiving models of the elderly while enhancing the communication between the client and the caregivers, and freeing up time for direct care and interaction with the client.

The service improves the quality of care and introduces significant direct cost savings.